Massage and Spa Services

Experience the perfect harmony of wellness, balance, and relaxation, tailored to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Each of our highly skilled therapists are trained in a vast array of wellness and relaxation techniques. We also offer several massage enhancements that are sure to help you achieve the most out of your spa experience.

Swedish Massage
This is a relaxation massage technique with long, soothing strokes to ease tense muscles. By communicating with your therapist, pressure can be  adjusted from light to heavy.

Options available:

25 Minute – $60

50 Minute – $100

80 Minute – $130

110 Minute – $170

Couples/Friends Massage
Enjoy a relaxing massage along with a friend or that special someone. Parties of up to 4 available.  Due to the nature of this appointment, please call 615-754-7311 to book.

Options available:*Pricing below reflects amount per person.

50 Minute – $100

80 Minute – $130

Prenatal Massage
Available after the completion of the first Trimester. Helps relieve sore muscles, fatigue, and assists the Lymphatic system in order to ease fluid retention.

Options available:

50 Minute – $100

80 Minute – $130

A 3000 year old Oriental healing method that uses pressure applied with the thumbs and fingers to specific points. It is believed that applying pressure to these reflex areas can promote health in other areas of the body, including organs.

Options available:

25 minute – $60.00

50 minute – $100.00

Thai Foot Massage:
A blend of reflexology, massage, and stretching. This massage promotes flexibility, and relaxation, and includes from the knee down.

Options available:

80 Minute – $130


Massage Enhancements

Achieve the most out of your massage experience with on of our signature massage enhancements.

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point/ Myofascial Release: $15
Deep tissue massage is a penetrating massage that helps alleviate tight muscles and tissues in the body. Due to the nature of deep tissue work, therapist will focus on body specific trouble areas. open communication during this session is crucial. Mild soreness is often common after treatment.

CBD Treatment: $15
Helps to relieve pain and inflammation, reduce tension, and helps alleviate stress.

Dry Brushing:$20
Unlock the secrets of glowing skin, enhanced circulation and stimulation of the lymphatic system as natural bristles gently exfoliate your skin.

Uses suction to decompress soft tissue, decrease inflammation, and increase blood flow. Also considered a form of deep tissue work.

Hot Stone: $25
Uses warm salt stones to soothe away stress and tension. A staff favorite!

Peppermint Scalp:$15
Stimulate your senses and open your sinuses with the uplifting essence of peppermint.

Sugar Scrub:$15
Swedish massage accompanied by a luxurious Eminence sugar scrub for exfoliation and rejuvenation.

Experience this ancient energy healing technique that promotes spiritual balance while reducing stress and anxiety though gentle touch.


Ear Candling – $60

A centuries-old practice intended to relax and soothe you. This one-hour treatment includes two candles per ear and a facial massage.

Far-Infrared Sauna – $25 pp (30 min.)

Experience natural healing and rejuvenation in our state-of-the-art Infrared sauna. Studies show that regular use of infrared technology may promote enhanced muscle recovery, immune support, and full body detoxification. The FAR-Infrared experience provides gentle, soothing, and comfortable heat that is sure to enhance your holistic health journey. Our sauna can seat up to 4 people.